April 5, 2016 6:05 PM

Mr.Dale Lim from Singapore

We are very happy to help the head advisor of "Yellowren", Mr. Dale Lim finds the house and also the office for opening the very first branch in Tokyo, Japan.We sincerely thank you for using our service.



Mr. Dale is passionate about working for Yellowren Productions, Which is a community arts company based in Singapore,is the arts arm of Evangel Family Church and a sole proprietorship.



Yellowren Productions started as a music publishing company in 2000, 13 years later, they reorganize into as an arts company.

Since then, the company has formed an experienced management team of artists, producers and creative specialists. Yellowren Productions has organized two major arts festival in Singapore and Tokyo that gained the recognition and support from various organisation such as the National Arts Council in Singapore and Singapore International Foundation. Through the arts festival, they have also established a network of talented artists in Singapore and Japan.

Yellowren is a fusion name, yellow being the 'color' of the Asian majority and 'ren' being the romanization of the Chinese character,'', which means people.

They storongly believe that to produce successfully the events such as music school, arts festival and showing short film which was produce by themselve, with the tangible experience the art creativity are possible to reflect our lives with the desire for peace.

Now, Yellowren, they are very excited about holding a cellebration for opening arts space and preparation of art workshop event in Nakameguro, Tokyo.

They're holding event in April 9th and 10th. Please check more detail from their website below.

We thank for sharing the memorial time with you, Mr.Dale.

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