Privacy Policy

Notice Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

Issued: April 2005

Tokyo Apartment Inc. (hereafter mentioned as "TAI") acknowledges the importance of personal information, and explains hereafter regarding its handling and protection.

1) Privacy Policy

TAI respects and safeguards the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (implemented April 2005) concerning the protection of personal information and social order, and will declare the proper use of such personal information.

2) Possession of Personal Information

TAI possesses personal information from customers including: name, address, DOB, company name, annual income, phone number(s), email address and other information collected from questionnaires, application forms, contracts, and other related documents.

3) Purpose of the Use of Personal Information

  • Personal information will be used to conclude any real estate transactions including purchase, sell, rental, brokerage, and in order to provide information and service to the bearer of personal information.
  • Personal information will be released to third parties in order to execute a) mentioned above.
  • Personal information will be used for marketing analysis purposes as well as sales activities using mail, email, and phone in order to provide products, information, and services to the bearer of personal information.
  • TAI will stop providing products, information, and services upon request by the bearer of personal information.

4) Release of Personal Information to Third Parties

TAI will release personal information by document, mail, phone, email, and other means in the following instances:

  • By consent from the bearer of personal information.
  • When necessitated by laws and regulations
  • When difficult to obtain consent from the bearer of personal information, but necessary to protect life, body, and property of individual(s).
  • When difficult to obtain consent from the bearer of personal information, but necessary to improve public health or children's healthy nurturing.
  • When necessitated to cooperate to those consigned by the local public government or national government, or local public government, or national government in order to accomplish the clerical work governed by law.
  • Owners, management companies, financial institutions, and other third parties necessary in accomplishing its purposes including real estate transactions.

5) Protective Measures of Personal Information

  • TAI will strictly manage personal information, and will educate the workers on a regular basis regarding the protection of personal information.
  • TAI will execute necessary measures to safely manage the database which contains personal information.

6) Personal Information Already in Possession

Any personal information acquired before the date of issue, will also be treated in the same way as indicated in this notice.

7) Inquiries Regarding Personal Information Possessed by TAI

Please contact the following for the release, correction, and suspension of personal information.

Tokyo Investment Property