We search for properties better matched in your criteria.

sourcing_01.jpg We, Tokyo Investment Property Inc. conduct procedures of searching/researching/analyzing properties and simulating investment result in order to meet our customers` investment needs and satisfactions.

The flow of the procedure

Step.1 Inquiry ~ Search for properties meeting your criteria

We provide you with short-listed properties in your investment criteria by leveraging the full range of the real estate information network system in Japan.
At first, please feel free to contact us by filling your basic information in the form as below.


Step.2 Property Research/Investment Analysis

We initiate a property research process including site-visiting to get a best understanding on the property and its surroundings if you find any properties in your interest among our realty listings. And you will get a presentation on the property and its lifelines of its surroundings having the photos taken during our site-visiting. Please understand there wouldn`t have photos of the property interior as we can`t get inside for the protection of the tenant`s privacy if it is tenanted.
We move to get a more information to give you a simulation on a cost/income cash flowing by the analysis on your investment.

Materials&Documents to be submitted to property investors

High level of Research results will be handed to you as below.

Investment Cash Flow Investment Cash Flow
Details of Property Details of Property