February 9, 2017 10:20 AM

NEZU Museum【根津美術館】

Blissful Moment :Japanese Blue-and White porcelain - Ko-Imari 【古伊万里】 Exhibition at NEZU Museum in Tokyo. Sometsuke 【染付】 is one of the styles on the Japanese porcelain called Ko-Imari【古伊万里】, which have patterns in blue cobalt-based glaze added and then are covered with a clear glaze, a technique known as underglaze blue. I love this blue color on Sometsuke【染付】 porcelain in particular:it's crafted with highly elegance and beauty. Even though it's not extravagant, its beauty is evergreen.

NEZU Museum【根津美術館】 in Tokyo has a special Sometsuke 【染付】Exhibition. Nezu Museum was founded by Kaichiro Nezu (1860-1940) who was a unprecedented entrepreneur and politician. He was an art collector in gathering works in pre-modern Japanese and East Asian art, including painting, calligraphy, sculpture, metalwork, ceramics, lacquer ware, textiles, and archaeological specimens. The renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma designed and supervised the re-building of the Museum, which was completed in 2009.

Nezu Museum has a Japanese traditional garden; strolling in the garden is another blissful moment just after exploring the works of art on display. There are several Japanese tea houses as well. I attached the video of strolling the garden which has deep mountains and mysterious valleys, included rustic buildings and tea houses. The richly verdant garden is truly an urban oasis.


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