October 12, 2015 4:35 PM



Are you enjoy this time in October?

It is one of the greatest month in Japan.
My birthday is October.
I am so grateful that my family celebrated my birthday.

It has been 30 years since I came to Tokyo from my hometown
to go to Meiji Univ.
I was so excited to go to the school, because I expected fining a girl friend
or being chased by pretty girls in Tokyo. (It didn't work well anyway)
Please see some pictures that I sent you.
Can you see "Keio Mall" street picture below? This mall is from Shinjuku station of
Toei Shinjuku line and Oedo line to the Police box office at the west gate, JR Shinjuku station.

Every time I pass this mall, I remember my old memories such as going to the shool, staggering drunkenly, being chased by policeman (Just kidding).

When I get married, we bought the small lottery in this mall and won JPY2,000.

And then we went to the small SUSHI restaurant with the cash in this mall.
It is one of my great memoris with my wife in this mall.

During this 30 years, many things are changed. Also, there used to be lots of
shops in this mall. Some of them had gone from this mall for some reasons.
However, there is one shop remaining in this mall. (See the pic.)

This curry restaurant has been doing great job to full my stomach for long time.
It is not too much to say "this shop is heavyweight" in this mall.
The shop staffs are always polite and nice. Of course, all of curry are great.
Especially, I love the curry in the pic. so called "German Curry".
There are four sausages on rice. SO GREAT!!!! It is JPY700 only!!!

"Curry house 11 Imasa" Menu Website only)

Direction of shop

If you have time, please visit this mall and enjoy many nice shops in this mall by imagining me being chased by police.

There are about 3 months left this yaer.
I hope you will enjoy and have precious time in Tokyo.


Takeshi Yamamoto
Please let us know any
questions or requests.