December 20, 2016 1:15 PM

Dr.Elizabeth Tasker from UK

We are deeply grateful to Ms.Elizabeth Tasker, and also we'd like to say thanks to her friend, who is our regular client who introduced us for their kindness since we'd helped finding their new place to live.

Dr. Elizabeth Tasker is from UK, was an associate professor at Hokkaido University in the department of physics, cosmosciences.

And she's started a new career as an astrophysicist at "JAXA", the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency.

ElizabethsanTallisforblog.jpgMs.Elizabeth Tasker and her prescious cat, Tallis.

About a profession which has knowledge and skills of a specific field and a surrounding area named an astrophysicist, do you know what is exactly doing with? We're afraid to say, we had no idea before Ms.Elizabeth explained to us about her research with the introduction of astrophisics intelligibly and gently.

Her research, she looks at the formation of planets and stars in computar simulations of galaxies, if she makes finding new stars in the cloud with cold gas from "Spiral arms*" of Galaxy (in Japanese called "Ginga" "銀河"), she works researching and analysing properties of stars, e.g. mass, size, control stars formation with using computer simulation of galaxy.

*Spiral arms are regions of stars that extend from the center of spiral and barred spiral galaxies.

These long, thin regions resemble a spiral and give spiral galaxies their name*(*Source and image below from

NGC_4414_(NASA-med).jpgAbove image: An example of a spiral galaxy, the Pinwheel Galaxy


We could get more familier with astrophysics than before, and found out they are very interesting and our own milky way, stars, how beautiful they are. We'd like to say thank you so much for your luculent tutorial, Elizabeth-san!

Elizabethint4pics.jpgAbove: In the homey atmosphere, Tallis and lovely "Space" interior items.

So,returning to the main topic, about her relocation from Hokkaido to the suburbs of Tokyo,

she needed to settle herself in new place promptly before starting her new job.

And also she desired to find a comfortable room for her cat, her name is Tallis,is an irreplaceable, precious family to her.

We met Tallis, she is a very friendly cat, we presented a little Christmas hat. We hope that Tallis didn't feel being forced to wear it against her will... Well, her owner, Ms.Elizabeth absolutely she loved to put on !

Elizabethand tallis1.jpg


above:"Please hold that pose!" Tallis santa pic by Ms.Elizabeth.

Here is a greeting and self-introduction to you all from Elizabeth as below. Thank you !

Within a time limit before few months,after her moving out, we are glad that we could provide their living atmosphere, comfortable and homelike room with wishing her new career success.

Again, thank you very much for your kindness,

we pray for your continued health and success, Elizabeth-san!!

If you're interested in JAXA," the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency ", here is the link (In English).

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