Customer Voice Vol.174


About Yourself

Which country are you from?
I am from Canada, born and raised just outside of Toronto!
What was the reason that you moved to Japan?
I moved to Japan to experience the vast culture and history behind a country that contains some of the most wonderful natural landscapes in the world.

About Apartment Hunting in Tokyo

This time, which area did you choose to live in?
I chose to live in Nakano -- due to its connections to central Tokyo and western Tokyo and due to its bustling restaurant scene!
What made you decide to choose the apartment that you did?
The apartment really stood out to me because of the way the landlord has used the space and because of the various amenities provided. I also love the large windows opening up to balcony that spanned the entire length of the room.

About Tokyo Apartment Inc.

What is your opinion about the service you received from Tokyo Apartment Inc.
Seiya-san was extremely patient with me throughout the entire process, there were many properties we had visited that I chose not to apply for. His support was tremendous, he was able to tend to multiple clients in the peak of moving season and managed to be extremely responsive and diligent with fielding potential properties. In the end, I would not been able to have gotten my dream apartment if not for Seiya-san! Highly recommend Tokyo Apartment Inc.

A Word From Tokyo Apartment Inc. To Our Customers

We've found an incredible flat in Nakano. Enjoy new life in Tokyo.
Seiya Kato
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