Customer Voice Vol.122

Samantha & Corentin

About Yourself

Which country are you from?
What was the reason that you moved to Japan?
We moved here for work.

About Apartment Hunting in Tokyo

This time, which area did you choose to live in?
What made you decide to choose the apartment that you did?
We wanted to have enough space to work from home comfortably. The apartment we chose is located at the last floor of a tall building, is in a quiet environment and has a really nice view above Tokyo. Plus, it was built recently which was also a good point.

About Tokyo Apartment Inc.

What is your opinion about the service you received from Tokyo Apartment Inc.
We were very pleased with Tokyo Apartment Inc. services. Takeshi-san went beyond expectations to find us such a great apartment and helped us with tips and some administrative procedures, we're truly grateful.

A Word From Tokyo Apartment Inc. To Our Customers

Samantha-san and Corentin-san,
I would not make it happen without your help and support to find your great apartment. I am so proud of your new apartment we found. Stay blessed!
Takeshi Yamamoto
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