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Pet-Friendly Places and Services in Tokyo

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It can be tough to find places to go that are pet-friendly in Japan, since even finding an apartment that allows pets is a challenge. Still, there are many things to do in Japan if you want to spend time outside the house with your furry friend. It is even possible to find pet-friendly hotels where you and your pet can stay together. And if you need someone to watch your pets when you aren't around, be it because of a vacation or work, don't worry. There are a multitude of options available to you.

Places You Can Take Your Dogs in Tokyo

Here are some ideas for places you can spend time with your dogs in Tokyo.

・Metropolitan Parks with Dog Runs in Tokyo

Tokyo boasts numerous parks equipped with dedicated dog runs where dogs can freely play. These parks are designed so dogs of all sizes can play safely, with fenced exercise areas, waste disposal stations, and occasionally exercise equipment. Each park has a separate registration form, but once registered at any one dog run, you can access dog runs in twelve metropolitan parks. It usually takes about 7 to 10 days to issue a registration certificate, but it can sometimes take up to two weeks due to demand. If you want to register, it is best to do so early.

・Wonderful Nature Village (WNV)

Wonderful Nature Village provides a comprehensive outdoor experience where you can enjoy nature with your dog. It has many facilities including dog runs, cafes, hiking trails, dog pools, and barbecue pits. WNV is also planning to expand and develop cottages and treehouses soon.

Learn more here. (Japanese only)

Where to Stop when Traveling with Pets

Planning on taking a trip with your pet? There are an increasingly large number of services and facilities available to make your trip with your pet as smooth and comfortable as possible.

・Service Area Dog Runs

NEXCO West Japan and Central Japan operate service areas on highways with dog runs available. The size, facilities, products available, etc. differ depending on the location, so if necessary be sure to check online beforehand. There are even some service areas with cafes where you can relax with your dog and take a break from the long drive to your destination.

Check NEXCO West Japan's website here.

Check NEXCO Central Japan's website here.

・Pet-Friendly Hotels

Hotels that allow pets are becoming progressively more common in Japan. Some of these hotels even allow pets to join their owners in hot springs. These hotels generally often operate dog runs along with facilities equipped with pet pools and grooming salons. Your pet will be able to stay just as comfortably as you.

Hoshino Resorts in Japan offers a variety of pet-friendly accommodations. The resorts provide amenities like dog runs, dining experiences where dogs can accompany their owners, and facilities catering to large breeds. Each accommodation has different rules and amenities, so check carefully in advance to make sure you book at a resort that meets your needs.

Learn more here. (Japanese only)

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Pet-Sitting Services in Japan

If for some reason you need someone to watch your pet, don't stress! Pet sitting services in Japan are constantly improving to meet the needs of pet owners. These services typically include home visits for feeding, walking, and playing with pets. Some sitters also offer overnight stays. The range of services, costs, and availability can vary, so it's important to do some research to find the best pet sitter for you. During peak travel seasons like New Year's or Golden Week, reserving a pet sitter can be challenging due to high demand, so inquire at least a month in advance of these busy periods. Here are some pet-sitting services to choose from in Tokyo.

・Olive Sitter

A pet-sitting service supervised by veterinarians. It can provide sitting reports in English and also provides care for elderly dogs and cats, as well as post-illness support. Rather than offering blanket services to every customer, you can customize what services Oliver Sitter's pet sitters do for you based on your needs.

Learn more here. (Japanese only)

・Pet Backer

PetBacker offers a variety of pet care services in Tokyo. Sitters typically come to your home to feed, walk, and play with your pet, and there is also an option for sitters to stay at your house during longer absences. Additional services such as pet taxis and pet grooming are also available.

Learn more here.

Pet Hotels in Japan

If you can't take your pet with you on a trip, or can't arrange for a pet sitter, you may need to drop off your pet at a kennel, which in Japan is usually called a "pet hotel." There are many pet hotels in Japan, ranging from simple kennels to luxury suites equipped with televisions and webcams owners can use to check in on their pets. Here are some pet hotel options in Tokyo.


This pet hotel has a service where your dog can spend the day in a spacious playroom with other dogs, and relax in a private room at bedtime. Some rooms are equipped with webcams, allowing you to watch your pet during their stay. DOG RHYTHM offers services beyond pet hotel accommodations, including dog daycare and training, grooming, elderly dog care, and in-home training sessions.

Learn more here. (Japanese only)


provides a dog-only accommodation, allowing dogs to play with others in a spacious playroom during the day and rest in private rooms at night. Besides pet hotel services, WAN LIFE also offers dog daycare and training, grooming, and elderly dog care services.

Learn more here. (Japanese only)

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Looking for an apartment where you can live with your pets? This can be challenging in Japan, to say the least. Luckily, we here at Tokyo Apartment Inc. offer pet-friendly properties. If you are thinking about starting a new life in Japan, are moving from another part of Japan to Tokyo, or are simply moving within Tokyo, take a look at the Tokyo Apartment Inc. website to find the right apartment for you.

Check our pet-friendly apartment listings here.

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