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Gas Heating or Induction Heating: Which is the Better Choice?


Gas Heating or Induction Heating: Which is the Better Choice?

Comparing the merits of Induction Heating (IH) and traditional gas stoves can be complicated, so I thought I would put together this short guide.

IH is a mechanism that generates an electrical current through a process called electromagnetic induction. Using a magnetic field, metal pots can be heated when in contact with a cooking stove. Since the pot is heated without using a fire, the risk of fire is lower. Also, if the pot is removed from the stove, the stove will stop heating, which can be helpful if you forget to turn it off. Cleaning spills is easy since the stove is flat. There is no updraft, so there is less splattering of grease, etc when compared to gas stoves. IH stove heat levels are adjusted on an LCD screen, so you don't have to manually turn any dial. In other words, you can easily check and adjust heat levels without having to hunch over.

There are some disadvantages to IH stoves as well. When using multiple stoves at once, it can be difficult to cook on high heat due to the fixed capacity of the stove. If you are inattentive, it's possible to trip your power breaker. Also, if your pot isn't centered properly on the stovetop, it won't receive any power and heat up. You will also need to collect specific "IH compatible" cookware.

The benefits of a gas stove include the ability to heat two or three pots on high temperatures at the same time. When cooking chinese food, it can be important to keep the pot away from the stove, gas heating is essential. Also, just about any type of cookware can be used with gas heating. Gas heating is of course extremely convenient if there has been a power failure, and gas rates are the same regardless of the time of day or whether you are using city gas or propane gas. Since it's not necessary to worry about the cheapest time to cook your food, gas stoves are great for people who want to save on utilities. The cost of cooking is often cheaper for gas stoves.

A downside to gas stoves is that they tend to cause fires and burns. When using gas stoves, the temperature in the house can get quite hot and uncomfortable. Compared to a flat IH stove, an uneven gas stove can be a bit more difficult to clean properly.My personal opinion is that if you love to cook on a daily basis, or if you have a family with many children, a gas stove is a better bet. As for IH stoves, I think they're quite suitable for couples who work in the day and come home wanting to cook a simple meal in the evening.