Takeshi Yamamoto
sales representative of Tokyo Apartment Inc. He was born and raised in Mie Prefecture in West Japan. He used to play baseball and loves American Major League baseball very much. After he graduated from Meiji University, he went to college in Washington State and played in the college baseball team.
When he was in U.S., he had been blessed with many precious moments where people helped him out during his stay there. Even local people that he didn’t know went out of their way to help him when during any difficult times.
The experiences inspired him greatly and motivate him now to serve and help all foreign clients in Japan.
His mottos are
-Put my heart into what I do!
-Search thoroughly for an apartment that’ll meet your expectations.
-Provide assistance and advice relating to your apartment from when you’ve moved in to when you move out.
Welcome to Tokyo, Japan. I am sure that you will enjoy your time in Tokyo.
I understand how tough it must be to find a nice, new apartment to live in, but rest assured I will give my all, to help you find the perfect place that’s right for you.
Of course, I will assist you after you move in and inform you of some useful or interesting information such as nice sushi restaurants or Japanese ramen shops and so on. (Mostly about food and restaurants though).
I can imagine that living in Tokyo will become one of your most precious experiences for you, so let’s find your dream apartment to begin your new, exiting life in Japan!
I am really looking forward to meeting you.
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